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You are welcome to download this guide on Charts of Accounts who's author has trained thousands of people on setting up and using accounting software over a 20 year period

Chart of Accounts Guide

part of the Understand Accounting Software ebook that explains accounting software from what to look for in initial purchase - to seeting it up - to running it and getting the maximum out of it

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This documents explains in plain english what a chart of accounts is and and how it should be set up in relation to financial reports.
If you wish to contact me my details are as follows -
Warren Marshall, Tec5 Software Australia
PO Box 72
Bondi   NSW   2026
It has sample chart layouts and explains how to set up a chart of accounts numbering system to suit your own requirements.
This document is part of the Understand Accounting Software ebook which is available on the home page. This is the first part of a series of free accounting guides. We trust you will find it usefull - if not please let me know where it didn't answer your questions and I will try and help you
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