Tec5 Wholesale & Distribution Accounting Software

Especially suitable for businesses looking for versatile software with multiple price and discount structures

A fully integrated accounting package that offers users a friendly system with easy to follow, logical, screens.

Suitable for all businesses, large and small. Invoices can show double discounts and more

The package includes customer sales and quotations, accounts receivable, products and stock control, suppliers, purchase orders, ledger and bank rec.
Easy to setup and use
Retains full customer history in separate history sub system for as long as you wish
Customer and product special pricing and discounting with double discount structure for promotions etc
Extensive analysis available on customer and product sales, who bought what and when etc
All modules fully integrated, only enter data once
End of month routines can be done at any time during the following month - no hold ups on the last day of the month before next months invoicing can be done
Bar Code ready throughout the system
General Ledger has standard financial reports as well as an extensive built in report writer that allows for multiple financial report layouts and order of print
Optional point of sale and van sales modules
Some modules can be customised to meet your specific requirements